Template Download

For all you pixel pushers we provide PDF versions of the templates used on this site.

If you wish to produce your design in a 3rd party graphics application, such as inDesign, Illustrator, etc., use the following instructions.

    1. Choose and purchase your ring binder through our online shop without doing a design.
    2. Find the associated template from the links below.
    3. Import pdf into your preferred graphics package.
    4. Do your design, keeping all artwork 10mm from all edges.
    5. When exporting please note:
      • The below templates are all 72dpi, so you will have to make sure you scale up to 300dpi.
      • The outlines included in the PDF should not be on your final design (unless you really want them included on your binder).
    6. Email us your artwork quoting your order number.

Our team will then confirm receiving your artwork and will proceed to production.

Design in Illustrator


A5 15mm A4 15mm A3 25mm
A5 25mm A4 25mm A3 40mm
A5 40mm A4 40mm  
A5 Mini Lever Arch A4 Mini Lever Arch  
A5 Lever Arch A4 Lever Arch